Просмотр полной версии : What is the best city in Russia for LA Style on1

15.11.2010, 21:23
What is the best city in Russia in terms of learning LA style salsa and bachata dancing in advanced level and dance bars? What are your city and instructor recomendations?

Элиас Раевский
16.11.2010, 04:20
what about my opinion - SPB is the best for LA dancing, and its not because its good to learn salsa LA here (so.... actually, i think "yes" - because of good NY dancers here, they teach you LA petty well), but nowhere SALSA LA is more advanced in Russia.....NY and Casino - mainstream of our days =)

Boris Hecha
16.11.2010, 04:25
YES !!! ))

16.11.2010, 09:13

I totally agree with Elias: to my mind now St. Petersburg is the best city in Russia for LA-dancing salsero. If you searching for good salsa Los Angeles I’d recommend you Sierra Maestra (http://www.mambotribe.org/links/showlink.php?l=111&catid=searchresults&searchid=594) (Petersburg) and Baila Conmigo (http://www.mambotribe.org/links/showlink.php?l=116&catid=searchresults&searchid=594) dance schools. Here in St. Petersburg you can find partners to dance LA style salsa practically on every salsa disco (http://www.mambotribe.org/events/clubs/st-petersburg/).

But to be objective, I would like to say a few words about other Russian cities :)

There are some rather good salsa LA schools in Moscow: Sierra Maestra (http://www.mambotribe.org/links/showlink.php?l=51&catid=searchresults&searchid=594) (Moscow), Ritmo de Vida (http://www.mambotribe.org/links/showlink.php?l=193&catid=searchresults&searchid=594), Step-Up, etc.; salsa Los Angeles is very popular in Kazan too.

17.11.2010, 12:25
Hi dudes, thank you very much for your kind recomendations

22.11.2010, 14:56
well, Victor, thank you for the kind words but Kazan has also turned into a casino city with LA being on the second place. Unfortunately, the fashion for LA in Russia is fading these days, and I can't find any solid reason why this is happening. Overseas pretty much everybody dances LA.
But yashar, seriously, come to Tatarstan! We have at least two schools (Impulse and Social Dance School) that teach LA in Kazan and my school, Alma Salsera, in Almetyevsk. Besides everything else, Tatars speak a language very close to Turkish, so you will really feel at home here!

22.11.2010, 16:50
Tatars speak a language very close to Turkish, so you will really feel at home here!
From that point of view, you'd better visit Baku, Yaşar :) Salsa Los Angeles + no problems with language :)

22.11.2010, 23:58
Hi everybody, thanks for your further recomendations. I plan to spend some of my vacations for salsa and bachata events in fascinating Russia and other CIS countries every year and improve my baby Russian as well. I think I have to listen to my salsa instructor who encourages us to learn NY on2 too.
Like this summer in some parts of Russia, summers are always too warm in Istanbul for me to dance salsa:)
So I will be there for you from this summer on. And, as your salsa guide here, I expect to see you in Istanbul, too.

20.03.2011, 11:36
We have quite a big LA community in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia :) Hoş geldiniz!

05.05.2011, 14:49
I would like to attend the salsa festival in Krasnoyarsk one day.teşekkürler:))